The “Killer” in the Kitchen

                    I recently came across one article on MSG called ,”The Brain-Destroying, Cancer-Causing Ingredient Hidden in Most of Our Food” ( and I was pretty taken back by what I saw. Not because I believed what it was saying but because it was just so absurd. The article basically says that MSG is an excitotoxin that overstimulates your brain cells until they explode and that it creates a lesion in your hypothalamus that will lead to obesity, infertility, and short stature. It also claims that MSG is in 90% of the food we eat but offers to information as to where that statistic came from and ends the article suddenly claiming that this is the reason why seemingly “everyone” we know is getting cancer.

                    Now even if you had read this article and not been suspicious of its truthfulness already just based off its content there are plenty of other reasons to be . For instance, the article was posted as part of the “March Against Monsato” movement which is a radical group who would like to completely eradicate all GMOs from society but is specifically attacking the GMO producing corporation Monsato . So you would be hard pressed to say that the author, Tami Canal, isn’t at all biased against the food additive MSG. Also, the actual site on which the article is posted is full of advertisements like a GMO detox kit designed to “cleanse your body of all GMOs”, a personal quiz to determine your risk of cancer in 42 seconds, and claims to offer lifesaving information about “The Truth of Cancer” only for a limited time . It also asks you to subscribe to their newsletter, follow “March Against Monsato” on Instagram and Pinterest, and even tries to sell “March Against Monsato” t-shirts. The article offers no actual research to support its findings there are no links to other sites to back up their claims. This is clearly a subjective article and cannot be taken for fact given its lack of support and biased undertones.

                  Tami Canal clearly has some motivation other than informing the people about the “dangers” of MSG for writing this article. As the founder of “March Against Monsato” she wants her message to reach as far as it can and by writing this grossly exaggerated and scary article she can do that. By fabricating these absurd statistics and health effects with regards to MSG she is playing on people’s emotions to get them to read this article. By scaring her readers she gets them to overlook the flaws in this paper and hopefully join her movement which is her real reason for writing this article. And in the process she also harms the companies that use MSG and GMOs like Monsato since she is spreading the notion that MSG causes cancer and is silently hidden in nearly all of our foods.


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